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I have always loved dogs.  I currently have three rescued dogs; a German Shepherd, a Shepherd Mix, and a retired racing Greyhound. I also have five cats, who are also rescues. I am certified by the Animal Behavioral College (ABC) for dog training. 

I have always had dogs, of many different breeds, and know what it is like to welcome a new puppy into the family. Dogs want to be good, but they don't know what is expected of them without guidance from their humans.  

Working dogs, such as my shepherds, are highly intelligent which makes them dominant and stubborn. They need to be mentally and physically challenged to help them realize their potential. I will show you how to train your dog so that they can become the well behaved dog that you want them to be.


I have worked for over 23 years with retired racing greyhounds. I have fostered dozens of greyhounds when they first came off of the track and I am very familiar with all of the problems that come with a dog that has never lived in a home. The challenges of socializing a retired greyhound are very different than those encountered with puppies and other breeds. These adult dogs have never seen steps, mirrors, glass sliding doors or kitchen counters. Sadly, they don't know how to play and are initially intimidated by their new-found freedom. Since they never had much affection from humans, they quickly bond to their owners and are prone to separation anxiety. I can help you socialize your new greyhound so that you can enjoy these wonderful dogs.


I regularly volunteer at a local animal shelter. I  work with dogs that need training and socialization so that they can be adopted into a forever home. Most of these dogs are given up by their owners because they were not properly trained. Lack of training leads to unacceptable behaviors such as aggression, inappropriate chewing, indoor "accidents", excessive barking, etc. Recently I have fostered several dogs who came from hoarding situations where they were sorely neglected. A lot of these dogs have never been outside or felt grass under their feet. They rarely had any interaction with a human and are, therefore, extremely fearful of them. These dogs require special care so that they can become trusting and better socialized.  My dream is that dogs who are properly trained will not be given up by their families and less dogs will end up in shelters.

I have a special interest in shy and dominant/reactive dogs. I can help you with basic obedience, puppy training and socialization, crate training, potty training, dominance/aggression, and separation anxiety. I use and teach only positive reinforcement techniques.


I also have a Master's Degree in Public Health (Industrial and Environmental Health Science)  and have had a long career as a research biochemist with the University of Pittsburgh with over 40 publications in peer-reviewed medical journals.

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